5 Secrets That Many Motivational Speakers Don’t Know

If you think that being a motivational speaker is all about fame, influence and glamour, then you are dead wrong. There is more to it than that. Here are five secrets you might want to know.

1.A quarter of the audience won’t listen to your speech:

Keynote SpeakerDon’t be disheartened when you see some people in the audience chatting or tinkering with their gadgets while you are speaking. The fact is, a quarter of your audience is almost guaranteed to have other businesses in the venue. The other quarter will listen to you without any intention to really understand what you are saying. After all, some people are there because they were required to come.

Do your best to capture their interest, but don’t be hard on yourself whenever you fail. Even the biggest names in the business experience that once in a while. You cannot please everybody all at the same time, but you can increase your efforts to touch more lives in the process.

2.The audience is judgmental:

Being famous and influential does not make you perfect in the eyes of many people. The audience makes judgments all the time, some of which are negative. There will be naysayers and many of them will bring their opinions online, thus becoming your bashers. Some people will also not believe you for reasons only they know. You are being judged all the time, so don’t ever think that your popularity is enough reason to be trusted by everyone.

Expect the good and bad in every encounter. All opinions just won’t match no matter how good you are as a motivational speaker.

3.Half of all speaking engagements are pro bono:

Starting a career as a motivational speaker is no different from starting a business—both need capital investment, and time to earn their initial investment. The only difference is that in speaking, your initial investment is time, and you have to wait for it to grow before you can earn. As you widen your market, become more visible in the public, penetrate mainstream media and the social media, and become an essential part of people’s lives, you should give free speeches just to earn public interest with no strings attached. Many famous speakers started by volunteering to speak in corporate events.

If you think that some events fit your expertise very well, send the organizers a letter to volunteer or to introduce what you have to offer. Take as much pro bono engagements as you can because doing so is the fastest way to gain referrals through word of mouth.

4.A career that has gained momentum requires capital equal to that of a startup business:

Once you’ve picked up the pace career-wise, you will need a lot of manpower and equipment to help you sustain it. You will need people to help you with marketing, communication and coordination, research, customer relations management, and everything that a service-based business might require. You will also need equipment for your presentations. Sometimes, an organizer won’t have everything you need, so you might want to invest in a projector and a pair of speakers. Since plane tickets are also not provided all the time whenever you are invited, you’ll need the funds to have your entire team flown in to the venue.

5.The color blue makes a motivational speaker look more credible and trustworthy:

Have you ever wondered why blue is a dominant color in many logos of political parties, businesses, and brands? According to psychologists, blue elicits trust faster than any other color. It symbolizes credibility and power, something that many fancy colors cannot provide. It also captures attention faster than any color, making you the center of attention when you’re on stage.

Now that you’re aware of these secrets, you finally have a deeper understanding (and appreciation) of motivational speaking.

Author Bio:
Influence expert Garrison Wynn is a motivational speaker known for his entertaining, customized and research driven programs.

Reasons that Highlight the Importance of PCB Fabrication Checklist

A circuit board’s appearance is enough to leave an impression about PCB fabrication being a complicated process. Well, fabrication might be complicated, but it’s not impossible to accomplish at home. Using a fabrication checklist, however, is beneficial for first-timers. Reasons highlighting the importance of this basic checklist include the following:

Avoid Forgetting a Tool

PCB fabricationPCB fabrication requires many tools for cutting, drilling, developing, cleaning and others. Having a checklist will keep you from forgetting any tool needed for the procedure. You don’t want to put the project on hold temporarily just because you are missing a tool, which could have been prepared earlier.

To create an effective checklist, group needed tools and solutions according to their categories. Have the cutting tool, drilling, cleaning and other solutions under their respective sets for a more organized list. This guarantees that everything is good to go.

Keep a Systematic Fabrication Plan

The good thing about checklists is they can also serve as guides in following certain procedures. In this case, having a short list that contains descriptions of specific tasks that come with PCB fabrication is beneficial. List whether the cutting or laminating procedure should come first to assure that you are following the right steps. This keeps you from making mistakes caused by taking instructions for granted. For more details visit us Pcbnet.

In promoting a list for systematic fabrication procedures, take note of the layer you’ll work on and jot down the first procedures. For instance, outer layer fabrication may start immediately with lamination since the part to work on is the exterior part of the PCB. As for inner layers, a person may first inspect for possible mistakes that come with the initial preparation or setting up the copper circuit. This prevents issues that will remain irreparable after lamination. Other procedures like cleaning, photoresist stripping, and tin stripping may also be noted down. A systematic fabrication procedure translates to successful outcomes.

Ensure Your Safety

Fabrication often includes chemical solutions for cleaning and other needs. However, everyone must take note of safety precautions that come with the chemicals. Listing them down early assures that the fabricator will have an opportunity to verify the solutions’ hazard level or see if they are unsafe for use. Using this checklist will make a person extra careful about handling chemicals, making it easier to remain safe.

Checklists help a person double check safety measures in using fabrication tools and preventing accidents. More than the fabricator’s safety, knowing these tools’ features and proper usage will minimize problems on the circuit board.

Keep Track of Expenses

Listing every tool and solution can be helpful in tracking down expenses that accompanies the project. DIY fabricators can list the prices of solutions to be purchased beside their names to ensure they can track the money spent in completing the PCB fabrication project. Expenses may also include whether users need to get a new set of chemicals or copper layers for circuitry or not. Everything is accounted for, which keeps people from spending a lot to complete this project.

Avoid Rejected PCBs

Checklists guiding a person can assure that every procedure is done accordingly, which keeps the number of discarded or rejected PCBs to a minimum. This also prevents them from spending untold millions on PCBs that won’t be useful and without gaining profit from it. Follow a fabrication checklist and prevent impending doom brought by PCBs.

PCB fabrication requires a good checklist for listing tools, materials and procedures that come with the process. This guarantees that users will have their needed PCBs in no time and achieve an outcome that won’t disappoint both fabricators and clients.

Searching for the Best Custom Lanyard Supplier

When it comes to wearing the school, company, team or brand pride, nothing beats having custom lanyards hanging around your neck.

Custom LanyardCustom lanyards add grace and flare to any uniform or outfit you, your friends, co-workers or classmates may have. Aside from their undeniable eye-catching ability, personalized lanyards are useful in that you can hang cellular phones and identification cards on them. They can also be used to hold small or medium-sized water bottles for those who are more athletically inclined. Some people even use their lanyards to keep their car and house keys in one accessible location.

Custom lanyards are indeed pretty awesome. After all, they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Since they are so popular you might be asking: where do you get such lanyards, and how do you know that your supplier is truly the best one out there? This is a good question that any lanyard customer should ask. There are a lot of wholesalelanyards shops in The United States, so how do you pick the cream of the crop, the best of the best?

The Search is On!

Here are a few things to watch out for when searching for the perfect shop to make all your lanyard ideas into reality.

1. Good lanyard suppliers are accommodating and well-mannered.

It may seem like such a simple aspect, but you will find that the best suppliers are always gracious hosts to their customers. They will answer any question you may have, and will encourage you to explore your options. They do not need to shout or use vulgar words to catch your attention.

2. Good lanyard suppliers are open to ideas from their customers and provide advice when they deem a lanyard project to be unrealistic.

There a lot of lanyard suppliers spread all over the United States, but only a handful of them will entertain ideas and designs that come from the customers themselves. You see, most lanyard shops sell traditionally-designed products, or premade lanyards. Only a few stellar lanyard shops welcome the ideas and design requirements that the customers themselves set. On another note, there are also lanyard suppliers who simply agree to all their customers’ requirements, without first thinking about its feasibility and final appearance. The best lanyard suppliers will give you their honest opinion regarding your designs, and will be more than happy to supply you with alternative options for each project.

3. Good lanyard suppliers are more than happy to deliver your final product for free!

This is especially true if you reside in the United States, and the shop’s corporate office is located there, too. You see, the best suppliers will be more than happy to deliver your dream custom lanyards to your doorstep without additional cost, because that means that one of their personnel will be able to inspect the final product with you and take your immediate feedback. Customers’ feedback is essential to a lanyard shop’s growth, and the best lanyard suppliers value this above any kind of delivery fee. They will then use your suggestions and ideas in order to make their shop become better equipped to serve other customers just like you.

As you can see, the design and parts of a lanyard are second priority to the supplier you decide to work with. If you are serious about creating custom lanyards for your school, company or important events, then be sure to learn all you can about your chosen supplier first, and try to stack them up against other shops to get a good idea of how high their quality of service really is.

Military Coins and Their Value

People in the military always try to bring out their best in any situation. This is one of the most important characteristics that all members of the military should possess. Some men and women in the field of the military even go an extra mile beyond their call of duty. In this essence, military coins are awarded to some soldiers who are committed to providing genuine service to their country. These coins are also referred to as military challenge coins, commander coins, and unit coins. Regardless of the way they are called, one thing is for sure. It is the fact that these coins symbolize so many wonderful things such as honor, pride, goodwill and respect.

Military CoinsMilitary challenge coins are typically awarded by a superior officer, perhaps the commanding officer of a certain unit or branch in the military. These items are given out to outstanding soldiers who are dedicated in offering their services and even doing the ultimate sacrifice of losing their lives. The awarding of these challenge coins serve as the way of acknowledging and appreciating all the good things that soldiers do for their fellow citizens.

This is a great way on how the government and the military can say “thank you” to the brave men and women who continuously fight for the country’s safety and liberty. They are much more meaningful than the verbal expression of gratitude. In fact, these items can never be replaced by anything as they carry tremendous value to members of the military. When the time comes for the soldiers to come back home after completing their service, they usually bring their treasured military coins together with other possessions such as photographs, dog tags and wedding rings.

Military challenge coins are available in a wide range of styles, colors, shapes and sizes. They are usually designed in such a way that they efficiently represent their real significance. They are especially designed in consideration of the particular event or achievement in which they are awarded for. Almost every soldier carries their challenge coins to any place they go. This is one way of expressing their honor and pride of being able to give their service to country. In addition, the commanding officer, the unit leader or any superior has the power to include his or her own preference when it comes to the design of the coins. Military coins are also designed specifically based on the rank of the soldier to whom they will be awarded. For instance, basic battalion challenge coins can be awarded to a command sergeant who represents his battalion.

Soldiers who do not have a high position in the military can also have their own military challenge coins. They can obtain them from Post Exchange, which gives challenge coins to soldiers who have shown outstanding performance while on duty. An officer within a certain chain of command is not the only person who can award military coins. In some instances, a unit leader of another chain of command can give acknowledgment to any outstanding soldier of a different chain of command. This is possible when the officer of another chain of command interacts often with different chains of command and he or she observes the performance of members of various unit or divisions. This is an excellent way for a soldier to get the challenge coins that he deserves.

In general, the military coins with rare designs are typically more valuable. Coin collectors always look for these kinds of coins, as they are definitely an awesome addition to their collection. One of the best places to get these coins is from reliable military supply shops. Aside from the fact that they are valuable monetarily, these military challenge coins are highly significant as they symbolize the camaraderie, bravery, selflessness and honor of the members of the military.

Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop source for great custom challenge coins and military coins of all kinds. We are dedicated to top quality products, great pricing and giving our customers the best customer service they can get anywhere.